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Two found guilty of Milton Keynes murders

Mohammed Abdi Farah and Amin Ahmed Ismail were shot dead in Milton Keynes Photo: Thames Valley Police

Two men have been found guilty of shooting two teenagers dead in an alleyway in Milton Keynes.

19-year-old Mohammed Abdi Farah and his friend 18-year-old Amin Ahmed Ismail were shot dead on the Fishermead estate at around 10pm on May 26th 2011. They had been walking back from a night out - CCTV images show them at the Xscape entertainment centre shortly before they died.

The deaths caused an outcry in Milton Keynes' large Somali community, from which both the killers and the victims came.

Today a jury at Luton Crown Court found 25-year-old Fuad Awale and 22-year-old Sharmake Abdulkadir guilty of murder. The men stood trial with a third 22-year-old man, Yahya Harun, who was also accused of murdering the teenagers. He was found not guilty. Two other men wanted in connection with the killings are believed to have fled abroad.

The police say Mohammed, who was known to his friends as Mo, had got well out of his depth in the murky waters of drug dealing. His friend Amin is not believed to have been involved with the dealing, but to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong person.