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Doctor hopes to get cancer drug prescription ban lifted

Dr Henry Mannings Photo: ITV

A cancer doctor in Norfolk who's been banned from providing specialist treatment to terminally ill patients is hoping to get his suspension lifted in the next few days.

Dr Henry Mannings founded the Star Throwers charity three years ago to provide support for those with cancer.

But since November he's been unable to prescribe medication because of an 18-month ban imposed by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. This follows a complaint from a consultant oncologist at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, who said he had serious concerns about the welfare of any patient having chemotherapy under Dr Mannings care because he's not qualified to prescribe it.

More than 2500 people have signed a petition in support of Dr Mannings, who appears before a hearing in Manchester on Monday at which his suspension will be reviewed.

Among those backing him is Ron Dowsett, whose wife Thelma was given the news in September that her ovarian cancer was terminal. She died in October, but Mr Dowsett believes Dr Mannings made the final few weeks of her life more comfortable.

"I think it's ridiculous that he has this ban," said Mr Dowsett. "Thelma thought a lot of him and he undoubtedly helped her a great deal. He provided such wonderful care and we were very grateful to him for it."

Dr Mannings appreciates the level of support he's received. " I just wish those who'd made the complaint would read the messages that have come to me about the importance of the work Star Throwers is doing," he said. "Maybe then they'd realise what what we're doing here is worthwhile."