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The deer that thinks it's a sheep

The deer hasn't been named in case it returns to the wild Photo: ITV News

A flock of sheep in Suffolk has been joined by an unexpected visitor.

A young red deer has decided to adopt the flock on Dunwich Heath, which belongs to the National Trust.

Andrew Capell looks after the sheep to help maintain land on the Suffolk coast. He thinks the deer must have become separated from its herd.

"I think what's happened is that the main herd of deer have come through the field, jumped over the fence and then jumped out again and he's not gone with them. He seems to have adopted the flock and stayed with them."

"The flock have taken to him really well. There's a bit of a pecking order in the flock so he's finding his place. He sees to be the bottom of the ladder. He does seem to miss the sheep if he's too far away from them."

At the end of the winter all the sheep will be taken back to their summer home, but the deer will stay.

The deer hasn't been given a name. The local National Trust team don't want to become too attached to it in case it does return to the wild.

But for now the Suffolk Coast can claim to be home to the deer that thought it was a lamb.