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One of the defendants denies killing retired bus worker

The extent of the breakdown in the relationship of a couple accused of killing a Norwich pensioner began to emerge today.

Kelly Barnes and her civil partner Jodie Barnes have denied murdering 67-year-old Barry Reeve in February last year.

Kelly Barnes today accused Jodie of telling lies. When she began giving evidence she said Jodie had confessed to her that she'd killed Mr Reeve.

She was cross examined by Jodie's barrister Mukhtar Hussain QC who said: "You kicked him unconscious."She replied. "I didn't kill Barry Reeve. You can twist it around how you like but I didn't do it."She was also asked why in a police statement she said she'd twice met Mr Reeve before his death, whereas in court she claimed she'd never met him.

" I don't know why I said that. I was lying. I hadn't met Mr Reeve."

The trial continues.

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