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Essex MP questions school snow closures

Colchester MP Sir Bob Russell has questioned the closure of schools in the current wintry weather. Photo: Dave Thompson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

The MP for Colchester Sir Bob Russell has questioned widespread school closures because of the snow. He cites a newspaper report from the coldest winter on record in 1963 where "there was no mention in the report of schools shutting".

Across the Anglia region more than 1,800 schools are closed today with more than 200 of them in Essex.

Click here for the county-by-county breakdown of school closures.

"The Essex County Standard on Friday 25th January 1963 described the conditions as being the worst since 1947. In 1963 the snow conditions lasted about six weeks. The newspaper said that across North Essex “towns and villages were marooned in snow.”

"How did the people cope 50 years ago? Well, for starters, there was no mention in the report of schools shutting! I can remember making my way through the snow to the North East Essex Technical College (now the Colchester Institute) for lessons."

– Sir Bob Russell, Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester

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