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Protecting the Essex coastline

Clacton Pier Photo: ITV News Anglia

Plans for sea defences in Essex which could cost up to £27 million are going on public display today for the first time.

Residents will have the chance to look at a number of proposals to protect the coastline running from Clacton to Holland Haven at the exhibition at Holland Public Hall starting at midday.

People will have the opportunity to give their views and ask questions about what is being proposed.

The most urgent work needs to be carried at Holland Haven and it is anticipated that work would start there.

The Council's proposals for coast protection work will also include a commitment to reinstating the beach at Holland-on-Sea.

Some of the proposals include:

  • A beach recharge with straight rock groynes
  • A beach recharge with fishtail rock groynes
  • A beach recharge with a combination of both fishtail and straight rock groynes
  • A beach recharge with a combination of rock groynes and rock revetment.

Tendering District Council say that the option chosen will be designed to protect the coastline for the next 100 years. The council has set aside £3million with the potential of a further £3million from Essex County Council.

The project will then require further financial backing from the Environment Agency and other sources.