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Norfolk Farming Conference

A combine at work in an Essex field Photo: Press Association

The roles that new technology and science will play in the future of farming and food production will be discussed at the Norfolk Farming Conference on 21 February.

The event, called “The Norfolk Farming Conference Goes Global”, will examine what farmers can learn from the latest scientific research and how technological developments will change the face of food production in coming years.

The recent weather, the pressure to increase yields and the latest developments in plant science and microbiology will be discussed by industry experts at the conference, which is organised by purchasing group Anglia Farmers.

Bale carting after harvest Credit: Press Association

Professor Dale Sanders, Director of the John Innes Centre in Norwich, will give delegates an insight into the centre’s latest research and the benefits it can bring the agricultural community.

He said: “Instead of struggling with yield grains of half a percent, can we jump to five percent and more? Can we do this at the same time as reducing pollution and agriculture’s contribution to global warming, while also adapting crops to the extremes of weather wrought by climate change?

“Science can help achieve goals that seem impossibly conflicting. What we achieve in the UK can inspire and benefit farmers, breeders and researchers the world over.”

Taking up the theme of the challenges of changing weather, Dr Clare Goodess, Senior Researcher at the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, will talk about our recent weather and future projections for the effect of the climate on farming.

Anglia Farmers chief executive Clarke Willis, chairman of the conference organising committee, said: “Our line-up of expert speakers will give delegates an insight into the latest research which is being carried out to provide farmers with the knowledge they need to stay one step ahead.”

The event, which takes place at the John Innes Conference Centre in Norwich will also feature a series of presentations examining the lessons UK farmers can learn from around the world.