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Census shows Polish is our second language

Polish has become the second most used main language across England and Wales, according to new figures from the 2011 Census.

It was was the first to ask how well people could speak English when this was not their main form of communication.

A census form Credit: PA Archive

In the East of England the figures released by the Office for National Statistics show:

There are 58,989 people for whom Polish is their main language (1.0% of the population)

Luton has the most Polish-speakers in the region with 8,006 (4.1% of the population) and is ranked 5th in England and Wales (1st is Ealing, 2nd is Slough)

Luton also has 8,567 people with Urdu as the main language, 6,337 who speak Bengali and 2,203 who speak Panjabi. 21% of people in Luton report their main language is not English.

Peterborough has 6,701 Polish speakers (3.8% of the pop) and is ranked 7th in Eng&Wal

Peterborough is ranked number 1 in Eng&Wales for Czech speakers......499's also number 3 for Latvians and number 4 for Lithuanians

Cambridgeshire (including Peterborough) is the county with the most Polish speakers in the Anglia region with 14,557 (1.9%)

Bedfordshire (all 3 unitaries added together) has 13,264 (2.3%)

Cambridge is number 2 in the country for German as main language with 1,485 (Kensington & Chelsea is number 1)

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