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School pilots privacy lessons

A school in Cambridge is leading the way in teaching children to protect their privacy.

St Bede's Inter-Church School is one of two schools in the country taking part in a pilot scheme, which encourages young people to safeguard their personal data. It covers everything from posting photos online, to giving out details such as addresses and dates of birth.

The teacher on the pilot scheme, Mark Neighbour, said: "We're very early in the process of producing materials for schools to help children, students to think about data - personal data and private data - that they have and how it can be used by other people in their lives."

The lesson - which is run on behalf of the Information Commissioner's Office - encourages children to think before sharing any personal information when they are online, on the phone or filling out forms.

"It's a responsibility that they've got to take on board for themselves, and parents can't always be there to watch out for them - as much as we'd like to - it, really, it's educating children so they can take care on their own time."

– Alistair Day, headteacher

One Year 9 pupil told us: "I found this lesson very useful because I found out things I didn't know". Their friend added: "The lesson made me think twice about what to put on the internet."The pilot scheme will now be rolled out nationally, and should be introduced in primary and secondary schools by the end of the year.

Lauren Carter reports....