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What drove women to murder?

Murder victim Barry Reeve Photo: Norfolk Police

Jodie and Kelly Barnes spent £300 a week on crack cocaine and heroin.

So when they heard a rumour that Barry Reeve had some ready cash, this seemed the perfect opportunity to fund their drug and alcohol habit.

In February last year, they went to Mr Reeve's bungalow in Norwich and launched a savage attack on the retired bus conductor.

He was badly beaten but could have survived for 24 hours after the attack. While he lay dying, they returned to his house and stole his possessions - even taking food from his freezer.

Jodie Barnes Credit: Norfolk Police

Today 32-year-old Kelly Barnes and 31-year-old Jodie Barnes were found guilty of his murder by a jury at Norwich Crown Court.

Kelly Barnes Credit: Norfolk Police

Mr Reeve's body lay undiscovered for more than a fortnight. His daughter raised the alarm when she went to his bungalow and found blood on a door.

Neighbour Sheila Brighty said it came as a huge shock to those living nearby.

"It must have been awful for the family having to wait almost a year for this to come to trial. I'm glad those awful women will feel the full might of the law."

Barry Reeve's brutal death caused great sadness among former colleagues on the buses. Jack Burton - a Methodist minister -was one of them. 'All of us knew him as Titch. He was quite a character; would always turn up at reunions. Nobody deserved to go in such a horrific way" he said.

Members of Mr Barnes's family wept as the verdict was delivered at Norwich Crown Court.

Jodie Barnes, formerly Ramsbottom, who claimed during the trial that "God had forgiven her", clutched a Bible and looked stunned.

Kelly Barnes shook her head and looked towards her partner.

The pair whispered to each other before Jodie Barnes broke down in tears

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