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Unfit drivers to be banned from roads sooner

Cassie McCord Photo: Jackie McCord

Police could soon be able to confiscate licences from drivers who are medically unfit following a campaign by a mother from Colchester.

Jackie McCord's, teenage daughter Cassie was killed two years ago by an 87-year-old who'd failed an eye test.

The Department of Transport says it's now working to get unfit drivers off the road as soon as possible.

Jackie McCord (in the middle) Credit: ITV News Anglia

Cassie, who wanted to become a lawyer, was on her way to college when she was killed.

Police were in the process of trying to get the driver's licence revoked when Cassie died. They were applying to the DVLA for his licence to be removed but the process took days.

The Department of Transport said licences will not be revoked immediately but communication between the police and the DVLA will improve.

'I am confident this is a really good solution.

'The fact the Department for Transport has listened to someone like me who has no power is amazing.

'Next week it will be two years since Cassie died. The timing could not be better.'

– Jackie McCord

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