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Former leader 'brought council into disrepute'

Councillor Derrick Murphy has stepped down as leader of the Tory group. Photo: Norfolk County Council

The former leader of Norfolk County Council has stepped down as chairman of the ruling Tory group after he was found to have breached a code of conduct.

Derrick Murphy was cleared of six other allegations but the council's standards committee decided he had brought his office into disrepute by asking an assistant to lie on his behalf.

Now Mr Murphy says he's to step down to pursue issues against the council.

The hearing follows an independent investigation into complaints that Cllr Murphy breached the Members' Code of Conduct in several respects in relation to the sending of an email to BBC Radio Norfolk in April 2012 by the then Conservative political assistant Kevin Vaughan.

The Committee - held on Friday - found that in one instance Cllr Murphy had breached section 5 of the Code which states: "You must not conduct yourself in a manner which could reasonably be regarded as bringing your office or authority into disrepute."

The Committee imposed three sanctions: A letter of censure will be sent by the Committee to Cllr Murphy; a report of the breach will be made to a meeting of the Full Council and Cllr Murphy will be required to undergo training in ethics and standards.

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