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Wheelchairs replace planes at Sywell Aerodrome

Planes have been replaced with wheelchairs on the Northamptonshire runway for the charity challenge "Push500". Photo: ITV Anglia

Planes have been replaced with wheelchairs on the runway at Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire. It was for the charity challenge "Push500" which was held at the airbase on Friday afternoon.

Sean Allerton, a former RAF serviceman, is travelling hundreds of miles in his wheelchair on runways across the country:

The whole challenge is to do 500 miles in a normal wheelchair, not a racing wheelchair ... it's to raise money for six different charities."_

– Sean Allerton

He was supported by pilots from The Blades Aerobatics Team, who are based at the Sywell Aerodrome:

It was a real eye-opener actually. I mean, I knew it was amazing what Sean was doing, doing 500 miles...I've got so much respect for him."_

– Mark Cutmore

Sean has now managed more than 420 miles and is hoping to raise thousands of pounds for charity._

For more details visit: www.push500.com_