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Rare flower puts travellers' site in doubt

Rare flower: The Bog Pimpernel has been found on land earmarked for a travellers' site Photo: ITV News Anglia

Now, have you ever heard of the Bog Pimpernell? It's a tiny flower that's been creating a big stir in Malden in Bedfordshire.

Villagers say the extremely rare species is growing in fields earmarked for a potential travellers' site. The delicate pink flower is a protected species - villagers hope that will scupper plans for the site.

In the past they've fought against a travellers' site, claiming the village infrastructure couldn't cope.

Central Bedfordshire Council told us it wouldn't be appropriate to comment as it still hasnt made any final decisions.

Those from the gypsy and travelller community say it's important they have somewhere to go.

Central Bedfordshire Council will draw up a shortlist from its 35 proposed sites at the end of the month.

Those living here say if it's home to such a rare species of flower, it can't be home to the traveller community.