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Victim's disgust at length of jail sentence

Barry Bell, stabbed his business partner 14 times Photo: Bedfordshire Police

A man who was stabbed fourteen times by his business partner has spoken of his disgust that his attacker may only spend six years in prison.

Gary Brown, from Hertfordshire, was almost killed by financial advisor, Barry Bell from Bedford. Today Bell was sentenced to 12 years for GBH with intent at Luton Crown Court. The Judge said he may only serve half of that in jail.

Their relationship began when they started working together. But before long Bell owed Gray Brown money.

The attack happened here in Bedford's Broadway car park last May. The two men had arrived in Bell's car to see his bank manager about repaying some of the £40,000 he owed.

Gary Brown was in the passenger seat. Bell said he was going to get some money to pay for parking from the back of the car. Mr Brown felt an agonising pain in his neck, then another and another.

By the time he realised he was being stabbed Bell had walked back to the passenger door and continued stabbing him in the chest. He even hit him over the head with an iron he had brought with him.

Mr Brown spent two weeks in intensive care. Today he and his family were at Luton Crown Court to see Bell sentenced to 12 years for GBH with intent. He was acquitted of attempted murder. The judge told him he would serve half the sentence inside before being considered for parole.

Bell, from Bedford, claimed Mr Brown had attacked him and that he had acted in self defence. Forensic evidence told a different story.

Meanwhile Gary Brown and his family will now try to rebuild their lives. Cheated out of his savings and unable to work it's been a horrific ordeal for his whole family. They told ITV News that they were "deeply unhappy" with the sentence.

He's taken a lot from me. He affected the family big time. Myself, I'm in continuous pain, and I've been told I might be like this for the rest of my life."

– Gary Brown - stabbed 14 times from Barry Bell

Sentencing Bell to 12 years the judge told him It was very fortunate Mr Brown didn't die or you would be facing a murder sentence. You have showed no remorse. You are still in denial as to the level of your culpability.

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