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Dinner lady wins fight for compensation

Carol Hill was dismissed as a dinner lady in 2009 but has won a claim for compensation Photo: ITV Anglia

The Essex dinner lady sacked from her school after reporting a bullying incident to a parent has won her fight for compensation.

Carol Hill was dismissed in 2009 . Although she won her case for unfair dismissal, an employment tribunal ruled she had been partly to blame and reduced the amount of compensation she was entitled to.

She received just £352 but now an Employment Appeal Tribunal has upheld her appeal that the original panel erred in assessing what she should receive.

"It was never about the money, it was about justice and I feel that at last I've got that "

– Carol Hill
Carol Hill will have to wait to find out how much compensation she is to receive Credit: ITV Anglia

Mrs Hill worked as a dinner lady at Great Tey Primary School near Colchester but in 2009 was suspended when she told a parent that her daughter had been the victim of a bullying incident. The school then sacked Mrs Hill after she contacted a local newspaper about her suspension.

Mrs Hill's garden overlooks the school playing field and she is forever reminded of an unhappy episode in her life.

"I loved working there and it's so sad the way things ended," she added. She says she bears headteacher Deborah Crabb no malice but is just relieved that she was proved right.

Carol Hill worked as a dinner lady at Great Tey Primary School near Colchester, Essex Credit: ITV Anglia

Another tribunal to assess the amount of compensation is likely to be held in May.

"I'll just be glad when it's all over," Mrs Hill said. "It's been an emotional roller coaster."

"A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal upheld Mrs Hill's appeal into her compensation pay-out following a dismissal from Great Tey Primary School. It does not change the outcome of the overall case, ie issues around liability but the EAT have remitted the remedies aspect of it back to the original Employment Tribunal to re-consider its decision and reassess the amount originally awarded."

– Great Tey Primary School Primary School statement