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Essex hospital fails inspection by health watchdog

Basildon Hospital has again failed an inspection by the health watchdog.

The Care Quality Commission visited the hospital in Essex last month after it was warned to make immediate improvements following a previous inspection in November.

A report by the CQC reveals some action has been taken by the hospital but it still failed to meet standards in three areas including cleanliness and infection control. The watchdog says inspectors will return to the site again in the near future.

Andrea Gordon, of CQC, said: "Our inspectors found the trust had taken immediate action in relation to some of the concerns raised. We were pleased to see some improvements had been made and it is important that these are now embedded and sustained.

"However, we also found the trust needed to carry out more work in relation to how it assesses and assures itself of the quality of its own service. In light of this CQC has issued a warning asking the trust to ensure improvements are made in relation to this.

"Our inspectors will be returning in the near future to check on whether this further work has been effectively completed.