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Thatcher continues to divide opinion

MPs from across the East have continued to pay tribute to Margaret Thatcher.

Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara praised the former Prime Minister, saying: “Margaret Thatcher was a colossus on the world stage. She became Prime Minister at a time when Britain’s international standing was at a low ebb and by sheer force of personality she dragged Britain up from its knees and made it a world power again."

The Conservative MP said he would never forget the day Mrs Thatcher campaigned for him in the 2001 General Election campaign, saying she had lost none of her charm.

Richard Bacon Credit: PA Archive

South Norfolk MP Richard Bacon said: "Margaret Thatcher had a fierce and unshakeable belief in this country at a time when many people had lost all hope in the future. Her belief that this country could restore its fortunes by its own efforts was a personal inspiration to many people to enter politics, including me."

Today more details have been released about the ceremonial funeral for Margaret Thatcher that will be held at St Paul's Cathedral on Wednesday 17th April .

Kelvin Hopkins Credit: PA Archive

Luton North MP Kelvin Hopkins said he disagreed with holding a ceremonial funeral for the former PM , saying " she should have an ordinary funeral, just like anyone else."

Parliament will be recalled tomorrow to allow MPs and Lords to pay tribute to Baroness Thatcher.

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