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TV advert backs heart disease research

Footballer Fabrice Muamba is backing the British Heart Foundation campaign Photo: PA

It's the UK's single biggest killer, claiming over seven thousand lives every year in the East of England.

Nearly 200,000 people in our region are currently living with coronary heart disease.

Today, a hard-hitting TV campaign's been launched by The British Heart Foundation, urging people to support new medical research, something the charity believe is key to beating the disease.

Last year, footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed during an FA Cup match after suffering a cardiac arrest.

His heart stopped for more than 70 minutes and had to be restarted several times.

Now he's allowed the charity to use the shocking footage in the campaign in a bid to prevent more deaths.

Our region's already at the centre of groundbreaking research, with Papworth Hospital in Cambridge - a pioneer in the field of heart surgery.

The British Heart Foundation hopes this latest campaign will transform the lives of even more people in our region living with the disease.