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Colchester Zoo welcomes new arrival

New arrival at Colchester Zoo Photo:

A rare white rhino has been born at Colchester Zoo. It was born last weekend much to the delight of the zoo keepers.

It is the first rhino calf to be born through natural mating at Colchester Zoo. The female calf was born with a large birthmark under her left front leg.

"The calf is very healthy and already building a close relationship with her keepers."

– Sarah Forsyth, Colchester Zoo
The female calf was born at the weekend

The mother and calf will be mixed back into the paddock with the other resident female rhinos in the next few weeks.

"This birth is brilliant news not just for Colchester Zoo but also for conservation ... It is a great privilege to be a part of the life of this new arrival and we look forward to watching baby develop and grow!"

– Jo Row, zoo keeper

Staff at Colchester Zoo say the breeding programme is vital to the survival of the species. White rhinos are increasingly vulnerable because of high levels of poaching in their natural habitat.