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Elephant bath time at Whipsnade Zoo

Mother and baby elephant enjoy a cold shower Photo:

It seems everyone has been making the most of the sunshine over the past few days.... even this baby elephant at Whipsnade Zoo in Bedfordshire.

Staff say the 18-month-old Asian elephant, known as Scott, enjoyed a nice cold shower. After the youngster got squeaky clean he couldn't resist spraying himself with sand.

Scott the elephant sprays himself with sand after his shower

While it may seem as though he’s being a typical youngster, it’s actually natural elephant behaviour.

“Every morning we wash Scott and the rest of the herd from trunk to tail, scrubbing them with shampoo and rinsing them with warm water.

“Almost immediately after their baths they’ll cover themselves in mud or sand which sounds counterproductive, but the layer of dirt keeps them cool and acts as sunscreen – perfect for our elephants now the weather’s getting warmer.”

– Lee Sambrook, Whipsnade Zoo
Staff say this is natural elephant behaviour

Scott was born in October 2011, after a 700-day pregnancy - the longest pregnancy ever recorded at Whipsnade Zoo. He is also their smallest ever elephant calf, weighing just 16 stone.

“Scott’s favourite part of bath time is being sprayed with the hose and rolling in the sand. He’s extremely playful and always tries to join in when the others are being bathed, especially when it’s mum’s turn.”

– Lee Sambrook, Whipsnade Zoo
Scott the elephant is now 18-months-old
Rolling around in the sand after his shower
Zoo keepers say Scott is "extremely playful"