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Unlikely political alliance expected to run Norfolk council

Norfolk County Council could be run by an unlikely alliance of councillors from Labour, UKIP and the Liberal Democrats following an agreement announced on Thursday.

The three parties said the plans would be in place for the next year as they worked to return the authority to a committee system which would see all councillors voting on decisions.

Talks to include Green councillors in the agreement broke down but the alliance will have to rely on support from the party when they attempt to vote in Labour's George Nobbs as leader at a meeting on Friday.

"It's going to be a difficult year because there's government cuts, there's going to be the debate about the incinerator, in King's Lynn, we need to deal with the problems of our schools. [Voters] can expect a council that will get on with the job, if I'm elected leader."

– George Nobbs, Labour leader, Norfolk County Council

Mr Nobbs was joined by Liberal Democrat deputy group leader James Joyce and UKIP group leader Toby Coke at today's announcement at County Hall.

They said UKIP councillors would not form part of any new cabinet.

The announcement follows elections earlier this month which saw the largest party, the Conservatives, left with no overall majority.