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Bishop urges mourners to 'move beyond anger'

The funeral service has been held in Lowestoft for three children killed by their mother, who then committed suicide.

The bodies of three-year-old Levina, two-year-old Addy and 11-month old Kyden McClelland arrived at St Peter and St John Church in Kirkley, less than a mile from their home where their bodies were discovered on April 15th.

Their mother, Fiona Anderson - who was heavily pregnant - died after jumping from a multi-storey car park.

Her parents wanted her to be buried with her children, but their father, Craig, refused. Her funeral has yet to take place.

In a eulogy delivered by the Rev Andrew White, Craig McClelland was quoted as saying: "I hoped they were going to grow up to be really nice well-mannered kids and do well in what they wanted to do and that i would always be there for them."

The Bishop of Thetford, the Rt Rev Alan Winton, gave the address. He urged mourners to try and move beyond the understandable bitterness and anger that was felt and cherish the memory of Levina, Addy and Kyden.

"As a community there must be a stronger resolve to care for and safeguard our children; being more attentive to the signs where children's safety is vulnerable; putting more resources into the care and protection of children, recognisiong the precious, fragile gift that childhood represents."

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