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93-year-old driver banned after car smash

A 93-year-old man has been banned from driving for six months after he was found guilty of careless driving.

Pensioner James Sims, of Daffodil Way, Chelmsford, appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on Tuesday following a collision in the city on Monday, March 18 at just before 4pm.

The court heard that Mr Sims approached a junction on New Nabbotts Way in his convertible Renault Megane when he failed to brake and pressed the accelerator in error.

He kept pressing the wrong pedal causing his car to cross a busy road, narrowly missing a cyclist and then crashing through a park fence. The vehicle finally came to rest across a green when the car struck concrete bollards. When spoken to at the scene by police, Mr Sims did not think he had been at fault. Tests were carried out and his eye sight failed to pass the 20.5 metre test.

Pc Andy Sumner of Chelmsford Road Policing Unit, said: "Essex Police are dealing with more instances where motorists are driving after a point in their life when they are not fit to do so through mobility, reactions, eye sight, or the combination of medications.

"Essex Police aim to reduce serious and fatal collisions and hope that the mature members of our community will make the responsible decision.".

"It is a difficult decision for motorists to make as we are ever reliant on the convenience of having a car. However, it would also be a tragedy for the driver if they spend the later years of life knowing that they had seriously hurt or killed someone."

– PC Andy Sumner, Chelmsford Road Policing Unit

Mr Sims was disqualified from driving for six months, fined £100 plus costs of £90 and has to pay a victim surcharge of £20. He must pass an ordinary driving test before he can drive again.

Mr Sims did not want to comment.