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The inspirational Father-Daughter team

Ellie and Nigel in Blackpool - a stop on her '11 list' Photo: Nigel Holland

Nigel Holland and his ten year old daughter Ellie from Wellingborough are very close.

Both are adventurous, love the outdoors and cooking. Both also have Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease - or CMT - a degenerative muscle-wasting condition, which starts by attacking the hands and feet. The progression of Nigel's CMT means he now uses a wheelchair.

Nigel has always wanted Ellie to know she can still lead a full life despite her CMT. To give her inspiration the pair drew up a list of things for him to do before his 50th birthday - everything from making creme brulee to jet skiing.

In the spirit of things, Nigel even embraced Ellie's suggestion of dying his hair pink.

Ellie insisted her Dad dye his hair pink as part of the 50 List Credit: Nigel Holland

To Nigel's delight, Ellie has come up with an 11 list to complete by her Birthday in July. You can see Ellie's full list here.

So far she has decorated her own plate, grown strawberries in the garden, and raised £700 for a CMT charity. Next on the list is feeding penguins by hand.

Painting her own plate was on Ellie's 11 List Credit: Nigel Holland

Nigel has now written 'The 50 List' a book about his and Ellie's life, which made it into The Sunday Times best seller list when it was published this February.

He is keen to point out that it wasn't just Ellie but his other children Amy and Matthew and his wife Lisa who helped him with the list - and he says its message is for everyone.

"Grab every opportunity, because we only get one chance. You have to experience as much as you can and embrace life.

Everyone has a disability, some are more pronounced than others - if someone wears glasses or someone's in a wheelchair, it's still a disabilty. And it's the attitude over how you deal with that disability.

I don't regard myself as disabled, Ellie doesn't regard herself as disabled, we have disabilities and we just get on with it as best we can."

– Nigel Holland

You can read more about Nigel's list here and learn more about CMT and the charity supporting those with the condition here.