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Incinerator meeting underway

It is arguably the biggest decision councillors in Norfolk have ever had to make.

What to do about the controversial £530 million waste incinerator planned for West Norfolk.

Today the 84 members will try and resolve a situation that has left the council facing a financial mess.

A committee had given the go-ahead for the scheme, but this is the first time the full council gets the chance to vote on it.

Do they scrap the incinerator and risk financial penalties of an estimated £90 million from cancelling the contract, or do they wait and see what the Secretary of State decides following the recent public inquiry - and if he rejects the plan, then the potential losses would be much reduced,to around 35 million.

Former council leader Bill Borrett believes the incinerator should go ahead

"I want to protect front line services and I still believe this is the best way of dealing with the problem of the county's waste, but I support the idea of a proper review of the contract so that the people of Norfolk get the best possible deal, "

– Bill Borrett, Conservative leader Norfolk County Council

But fellow Conservative John Dobson is against the incinerator and believes the council should await the decision of the Secretary of State before making any commitment.

"We deal with our waste far more effectively than we used to and there is no need for this incinerator," he said. "It's outdated technology and it was wrong to ever sign up to it."

– John Dobson, Conservative councillor, Norfolk County Council

It promises to be a long, drawn-out meeting with several proposals to be discussed before it becomes slightly clearer how Norfolk will try and resolve this dilemma.