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Jobseeker launches video campaign

Luisa Downey has made a Youtube video about her search for work Credit: Luisa Downey/Youtube

It's the first advertising campaign she's ever launched - and Luisa Downey is keeping her fingers crossed that it's a success.

The 23 year old lives in Colchester and wants to work in marketing, but has been finding it tough to get a break since she left the University of Essex in 2011. So she's launched her own PR video campaign called 'Keep Calm and Employ Me.'

Luisa has been handing out fliers on commuter trains Credit: ITV

Luisa has done a number of jobs since graduating, but none that will give her the sponsorship she needs as a Brazilian national to stay in the country.

With the latest figures showing top employers get 85 applicants for every graduate level job, Luisa is hoping her video will help her stand out from the crowd.