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Star Wars fan builds C-3PO suit

Simon Wilkie changing into his C-3PO suit Photo: ITV News Anglia

Star Wars nut Simon Wilkie hasn't been on holiday for three years - after spending more than 2,000 hours building a C-3PO suit.

The 28 year-old shop assistant from Norwich forked out £4,000 on parts from across the world and dedicated at least two hours every day making the replica outfit.

Simon in full costume Credit: ITV News Anglia

Simon, who is the same height as C-3PO actor Anthony Daniels, takes 30 minutes to get bolted into the heavy suit by his teacher wife Jennifer, 29.

Once inside Simon can only drink water through a straw and has to remove the head if he gets hungry.

Simon as C-3PO on the streets of Norwich Credit: ITV News Anglia

He wore the suit for five hours a day at the Star Wars Celebration Europe II in Essen, Germany last month where he picked up first prize in the costume competition.

Now he plans to dress up as C-3PO for parties and functions to raise money for children's charity Make-A-Wish Foundation.