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Lack of male bone marrow donors puts patients at risk

The Anthony Nolan Trust wants to encourage more bone marrow donors Photo:

A campaign's been launched to try and attract more bone marrow donors. The Anthony Nolan Trust says more men aged 16 to 30, need to come forward.

Steve Evans from Northamptonshire - who received a bone marrow donation - says it's important people realise they can save lives by joining the register.

Steve Evans from Northamptonshire received a bone marrow donation

Male donors are overwhelmingly chosen to donate by transplant centres as many doctors believe that they give patients the best possible outcomes, yet there are only 8,209 young male donors in the South East. This accounts for just 10.7% of all registered donors in the area.

Anthony Nolan uses its register to match potential bone marrow donors to blood cancer patients in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.

"It's a simple case of supply and demand. We know that transplant doctors are increasingly choosing male donors to treat blood cancer patients so we need to ensure that we're providing clinicians with the donors they need. Failure to meet this demand could have very serious implications for blood cancer patients across the country."

– Henny Braund, Anthony Nolan's Chief Executive