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What a wedding party! Dance teacher goes up the aisle with 80 bridesmaids

What a wedding party! The bridesmaids make their way to the church. Photo: ITV News Anglia

A dance teacher from Essex has honoured her pledge to allow her dance pupils to be her bridesmaids.

But Katie Dalby from Harwich never thought they would all turn up.

They did - and on Saturday when she married Norman Gooch in Harwich, there were dozens there to share her special day.

A delighted Katie said: "A few of them asked me if they could be a bridesmaid and I kept saying they could. When I got engaged the mums came to me and I had told them they could be bridesmaids and so I had to yes 'yes' to all of them. There were 80."

Getting ready for the wedding. Credit: ITV News Anglia

The bridesmaids were aged from 2 to 18 attend Katie's Boogie Shoes dance academy

Her husband was delighted they could be there for the big day.

"I think it's nice for them because they're such a big part of Katie's dance school. She's been promising it all the way from the beginning. and as the school's got bigger, the list's got longer."

With such a big wedding party, it will surely feel rather strange when they jet off to Dubai for their honeymoon - on their own.