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Recent settled weather caused by unusual jet stream

Another sunny day at Cowlinge, Suffolk. Photo: Credit: Rosemarie Jessop

The final day of September saw further warm and sunny weather with temperatures reaching 20°C in parts of Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. In fact, there's been no significant rain since the 19th September and, whilst we've seen plenty of dry days, the usual Autumn storms have been notable for their absence.

The cause of the prolonged settled spell can be attributed to the unusual shape of the jet stream. The jet stream is a current of fast-flowing air high up in the atmosphere. It tends to act like a conveyor belt: picking up low pressure systems in the Atlantic and steering them towards northwest Europe. However, recently the jet stream has become disrupted and it has split in two - diverting any Autumn storms to the north and south of the UK and leaving high pressure in charge throughout the Anglia region.

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Later this week, the jet stream will return to a more typical pattern and the weather in the UK will turn more unsettled. It will cloud over during Wednesday with a spell of rain during the day. Dry initially Thursday but heavy rain arriving during the afternoon, then brighter with scattered showers on Friday. Breezy throughout.

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