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Message in a bottle takes 19 years to float to Norway

Lucy's message in a bottle. Photo:

Nineteen years after Lucy Elliott put a message in a bottle and sent it out to sea, the Northamptonshire mother was shocked to hear from the family who found it - on the coast of Norway.

She was just 12 when she wrote the letter while on holiday in Cornwall.

Lucy, from Woodford Halse near Daventry, had hoped to find a new penpal but never heard anything - until this week.

The letter.

Over the past 19 years, her message has made quite a journey - from Looe in Cornwall to the west coast of Norway, hundreds of miles away, where it was picked up by a couple walking on the beach.

Lucy put her home address on the note and, thanks to that, the Norwegian couple has been able to find her and they are now exchanging messages online. They have discovered they have children of a similar age, so Lucy has suggested the youngsters become pen-friends.

While in Cornwall, Lucy sent two more bottles out to sea. After 19 years of travel, they could now be continents away - and waiting for someone to discover them. Olivia Paterson reports.

The beach in Norway.