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Man accused of killing family "felt better" after allegedly stabbing them to death

Anxiang Du. Photo: Northamptonshire Police

It's claimed the Chinese businessman accused of killing a family of 4 from Northampton felt 'immediately better' after he stabbed them to death.

Forensic Psychiatrist Professor Nigel Eastman, a witness for the defence, says Anxiang Du told him he'd felt better after killing the Ding family at their home in Wooton on 29 April 2011.

Under cross examination from Prosecution Lawyer William Harbage QC Professor Eastman revealed that Mr Du had also told him his symptoms of depression had waned after he went on the run to Morocco.

William Harbage questioned whether carrying out the killings, being separated from his wife and finding himself penniless and on the run living on the streets in Morocco should have caused greater depression, rather than relieving it.

Professor Eastman claims that Anxiang Du suffered a loss of self control when he carried out the killings due to his fragile mental health as a result of losing a ten year legal battle with the Dings.

The Psychiatrist told the court that it might sound bizarre but Mr Du's recovery from depression following the killings was not surprising and was understandable.

He said this was because depression had caused Mr Du's mind to narrow and become preoccupied with his civil dispute with the Dings and that the resulting rumination over the issue fuelled his depression further.

Professor Eastman claims the easing of Mr Du's mental health issues were due to the resolution of these matters in his mind which came with the killings, even though this resolution came about in ahorrendous way.

Anxiang Du denies 4 counts of murder but has accepted that he stabbed the Ding family to death.

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