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Mystery over large amounts of cash spotted floating in Spalding river

£60,000 was found floating down a river in Spalding. Photo: ITV News Anglia

It's the mystery of tens of thousands of pounds worth of bank notes found floating down a river.

An unsuspecting member of the public was walking their dog, alongside South Drove Drain, near Spalding, when they spotted the cash.

A staggering £60,000 has already been recovered from the waterway. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A staggering £60,000 has already been recovered from the waterway, and there's even been suggestions that there could be even more still in the river.

Some of the recovered money is water damaged and some appears to have been partially burned. However, much is still usable.

Speaking to ITV News Anglia, Detective Inspector Steve Hull from Lincolnshire Police, says that no one has yet come to claim it.

Detective Inspector Steve Hull, from Lincolnshire Police, carries the money in for investigation. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"We do think it's probably the proceeds of crime and it's come from some kind of criminality.

"Because of that it's been seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act and we have been to court and we've got a retention order to keep that money.

"That allows us to keep it for six months whilst we carry out these enquiries".


Meanwhile in the pubs and the cafe's of Spalding there's plenty of talk about the cash, and about what people would do if they found that kind of money.

The courts have now given the police six months to establish where the money comes from and who, if anyone, is entitled to get it back.

If it does turn out to be criminal it will be permanently confiscated. Although the finder could still get a reward.

Detectives are warning anyone who comes to claim it that they'd better have a very good explanation.

And they're already getting tired of jokes about money laundering.

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