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Warnings over fresh telephone scam in the East

There are warnings today about a new type of telephone scam which is here in the East.

Its called Vishing or voice phishing and it's cost innocent victims over £7 million to date.

It works by fraudsters calling victims and pretending to be their bank before persuading them to tell them their pin numbers.

The results can be devastating as Ivan Fowler and his wife found out to their cost.

Ivan Fowler and his wife were victims of 'Vishing'. Credit: ITV

Ivan's wife was tricked into telling a fraudster her chip and pin number over the phone. Merely 20 minutes later, over £2,000 had been withdrawn from their account.

"It was incredibly simple. We were green and naive.

"The people who did it were professional crooks. They knew exactly how to manipulate us and also how to get the information from us."

– Ivan Fowler, Vishing victim

But how can you ensure that you too don't fall victim to such a crime? Here are some tips to bear in mind:

  • Be suspicious of private numbers.
  • Never assume a caller is genuine just because they hold details about you.
  • Try and memorise pin codes and passwords instead of writing them down. If you do write them down, keep them well away from other financial documents.
  • Contact your supplier if you are expecting a document containing your personal details, for example a bank statement, and it hasn't arrived on time.
  • Be careful online. Don't include financial details in e-mails, even if you know the recipient well.