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Rogue taxi warnings in Essex

Rogue taxi warnings in Essex. Photo:

With Christmas just around the corner there are warnings about the dangers of using unlicensed taxis cabs.

Basildon Council are warning revellers not to be tempted by a seemingly easy or cheap cab rides.

"There are certainly stewards in all night economies in the boroughs and we have the Festival Leisure park where a lot of young people are using taxis and there are stewards there guiding people to the right vehicles and there are certainly enough taxis in Basildon."

– Basildon Council

Taxi safety advice:

  • Only flag down licensed hackney cabs and ensure the meter is being used.
  • Pre-book a private hire vehicle in advance with a licensed operator.
  • Confirm the price of the fare at the time of booking.

You can tell if a cab is licensed by checking the rear licence plate and door stickers before getting into the vehicle. Licensed drivers will be also happy to show their identification badge.

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