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Essex: I'm a Celebrity's Joey Essex amazed that stick insects "actually look like sticks"

Joey Essex inspects the stick insect. Photo: ITV

If you're a follower of ITV's 'I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here' you'll have heard what are being known as Joey-isms and last night there was another classic.

Selected with Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington for a jungle challenge, Joey Essex spotted an insect he'd never seen before.

Joey Essex compares a stick insect to an actual stick. Credit: ITV Studios

The reality star was amazed when he discovered a stick insect and simply couldn't believe that the creature resembled, well, a stick.

"I saw a little stick, and it started moving, and I thought what is that?

"It looks like a stick, with legs, but I think that they've actually got brains.

"They're actually living things that walk and stuff. But I don't know if it's made out of wood!"

– Joey Essex

Stick insects aside Joey and Rebecca completed their trial successfully but their fellow contestants failed to get the right answer to a question which would have seen them win chocolate brownies and so they went without.

Joey Essex takes on a jungle challenge with Rebecca Adlington. Credit: ITV Studios

Whilst Joey survived last night's double eviction his fellow contestant, journalist Matthew Wright, wasn't so lucky and he was voted off with dancer Vincent Simone.