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King's Lynn starting to count the cost of tidal barrage

A scene of tranquility in King's Lynn this morning after last night's surge. Photo: ITV News Anglia

The full extent of last nights record tidal surge across the east coast is starting to be seen across the region.

One of the first places to be hit was King's Lynn on the Wash, where the North Sea topped the flood defences.

Water pours over from the river. Credit: Roger Findlay

Onlookers stood in amazement as the water even reached as far as the town's historic Custom House.

Water laps the Custom House. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Today the work to clean up the damage left by the flood waters began.

The clean-up operation is now underway in King's Lynn. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Local resident Michael Pattingal says last night's events in the town made for a frightening scene:

"This wall here, this whole wall here, well the water was seeping through because the police thought that this wall might fall over, so they cleared the area.

"I think it was very scary for them, especially on the square."

– Michael Pattingal, Local resident

The height of the tide was at an unprecedented level in King's Lynn, although the flood defences mainly managed to do a fine job, managing to prevent some water passing through.

A King's Lynn back street is submerged. Credit: Roger Findlay

However, it was impossible to stop all of the water in its tracks and today the town is assessing the damage left in its wake.

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