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Parents in plea for son's pony to be returned

Joshua and Tic Toc Photo: Joshua's family
Joshua and Tic Toc Credit: Joshua's family

The parents of a 5 year old boy from Cambridgeshire have made an emotional appeal for the return of his pet pony after it was stolen from a paddock behind their home.

Catriona Carnegie and her husband Andrew who live at Ramsay St Mary near Huntingdon say heir son Joshua doesn't yet know Tic Toc is missing and are dreading telling him.

They say the horse is of no value to anyone and has a condition which needs regular medication and are hoping someone will return it before Christmas.

Catriona says she found the padlock on this gate open and thinks someone used it to get access to the paddock.

Since then she and her husband have been desperately searching for Tic Toc - they haven't yet been able to bring themselves to tell Joshua.

The family have other horses that were kept close to Tic Toc's paddock but only Joshua's pony was taken. Family friend Jo Fyson says it's shocked the whole village.

Joshua riding on Tic Toc Credit: Joshua's family

Meanwhile Catriona has made an emotional appeal to whoever took Tic Toc

Anyone with information on the pony's whereabouts is being asked to contact Cambridgeshire Police or to make contact with the family directly.

Tic Toc Credit: Joshua's family