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Challenging the Anglia region's schools to find compelling First World War stories

The centenary of the outbreak of the First World War is being marked in 2014 Photo: ITV News

Has your school discovered a tale from the First World War that you would like to tell the ITV News Anglia viewers?

As the country gets ready to mark 100 years since the outbreak of hostilities in the summer of 1914, ITV News Anglia is challenging the region’s schoolchildren to share their communities’ stories.

Send us your idea and, if you are one of the selected primary or secondary schools, we will provide you with a cameraman, a producer and a few tips – but the rest is down to you.

Picture: Imperial War Museum

Your children will be the faces and voices of the story which will appear on ITV News Anglia during 2014 – the centenary of the start of the First World War.

It could be anything from your local area – the contribution of an individual, a family, animals or even a building – that you find interesting and think is a story worth telling.

Picture: Imperial War Museum

It could be the former home converted into a military hospital or the serviceman who played carols on his whistle at the start of the famous Christmas truce. Was there a particular act of bravery you have heard about from a soldier, or a nurse who helped save hundreds of lives on the battlefields?

Perhaps your village helped supply some of the thousands of horses for the war effort or maybe your area had a war poet in its midst?

We want to know about the war heroes who still make their villages proud and the many ways this region has continued to recognise its links with the Great War over the past ten decades.

They can be the rarely told stories behind the names on a war memorial or a new take on a well known event.

Picture: Imperial War Museum
  • Can your school find a fascinating interviewee who can help bring history to life?
  • Are there locations close to your school which still show signs of their past lives?
  • Can you find the 100-year-old photographs and artefacts that can help our viewers understand the role your community played?

Representatives from the Royal Anglian Regiment will join members of the ITV News Anglia editorial team to select ten stories, five from the east of the region and five from the west, which will be judged on their interest, passion and also on the way the children plan to tell them.

Picture: Imperial War Museum
  • The closing date is Monday 3 February 2014
  • The email address is

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