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First World War School Report 2014: Terms and conditions

Has your school discovered a tale from the First World War that you would like to tell the ITV News Anglia viewers?

As the country gets ready to mark 100 years since the outbreak of hostilities in the summer of 1914, ITV News Anglia is challenging the region’s schoolchildren to share their communities’ stories.


The project is open to all schools, both primary and secondary, ages 5-18 within the ITV News Anglia region.

The story must be from your school’s local area or involve someone who lived there during the First World War.

We are looking for a range of different story ideas from across the ITV News Anglia region that:

  • Will make engaging and relevant television news reports
  • Show originality. A fresh and original idea and treatment for the story.
  • Feature strong interviewees
  • Include artefacts that have been found for inclusion in the report (Photos/artwork/books/historical manuscripts)
  • Show the school and its children fully understand the sacrifices made by people, towns and villages in their vicinity

Schools must do their own research, write their scripts (with the help of an ITV News Anglia producer), set up their own interviews, and arrange filming locations.

Picture: Imperial War Museum

For a chance to have your 'First World War Centenary - School Report' on ITV News Anglia, here is what you need to do

Discuss the idea at school and identify your story with a teacher.

Get your teacher to email us at with your idea including the following:

  • The name of your school
  • The contact details including email, telephone number and the name of the teacher in charge of the project.
  • Your story idea in no more than 250 words. We need to know not just the background to the story but the elements you would include in it for ?lming, as well as a brief idea of how you would tell it. Don’t worry – we don’t expect you to know the technicalities of ?lming, just your ideas. If you are selected we will help you with the next steps.

The closing date for the ideas is midday on Monday 3 February 2014.

Picture: Imperial War Museum

Terms and conditions

All entries will be acknowledged by email. All entries will be assessed using the above criteria initially by ITV News Anglia to establish a shortlist.

The final selection panel will consist of two members of the ITV News Anglia editorial team and personnel from the Royal Anglian Regiment. They will select the final 10 reports to be filmed, again using the same criteria, by Friday the 28th February 2014. Those schools selected will be notified by email.

Schools will be given at least one month to prepare for filming once final selections are made.

On the agreed day, ITV News Anglia will provide a producer and cameraman to come to your school for filming.

A final report will then be produced on each of the 10 selected schools across the ITV News Anglia region, lasting roughly three minutes in duration, to be shown on ITV News Anglia as part of its First World War centenary coverage.

Picture: Imperial War Museum

ITV News Anglia will NOT be liable for any costs involved in either the generation of the story idea or the production of the selected report and is NOT responsible for the safety and security of any person involved in the filming of the project except for ITV News employees.

Each school selected to participate by ITV News Anglia must obtain parental or legal guardian consent for those children participating, prior to filming. Failure to provide consent will eliminate the related entry.

Consent for filming on private property must be obtained by the school prior to filming.

A teacher must be present for all filming both on and off school campus.

No contact details will be sought nor should be given by any child involved in the entry form or filming to any member of ITV staff employed on the project. All correspondence will take place via the named teacher of the entering school only.

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