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Final journey for Suffolk's sailing clergyman

Rev Waller's final journey Photo: ITV News Anglia

Today saw one final trip down the River Deben for Suffolk vicar Rev John Waller.

On board, his beloved sailing boat Jesus, his family and friends and forming a flotilla behind fishermen from nearby Felixstowe Ferry

Mark Barton, owner of the Waldringfield boat yard, said: "Every time he was well enough to get down here, he was here and when he could he would get on his boat and that's where he was happiest"

The Rev Waller as featured on ITV News Anglia in 1995 Credit: ITV News Anglia

Nearly 19 years ago the Rev Waller featured on Anglia Tonight and talked about his beloved boat.

Speaking in 1995 he said: "Well I thought about it for a long time and I thought Jesus is the best friend I've got so I named it Jesus.

"And it's coloured me for lots of things. If the bishop wants to know where I am then I'm with Jesus and he's quite satisfied with that"

"He was a man of the people and this is his day, I'm finding it quite hard but it is his day.

Everyone loved him but his faith carried him through everything. And no matter what it cost him, other people came first. And I've watched him the last few months, get out of bed, put on that smile and go and do the things. That's the sort of man he was"

– Dawn Waller, widow