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Shop front 'too brash' for Stamford High Street

The historic town of Stamford. Photo:

A shop in Stamford near Peterborough which has been painted bright blue has been told it's out of character with the historic town.

Moshulu submitted three applications to paint the exterior of its store. All were rejected.

Many of the Georgian buildings in Stamford are made from Lincolnshire limestone. It's popular with tourists and film directors. Scenes from Pride and Prejudice and The Da Vinci Code were shot at Burghley House, but one particular building is under the spotlight.

It's a shoe shop - painted in Crystal Surprise - that's bright blue, but South Kesteven District Council do not like it. They say the colour is unduly prominent and would like to see more muted colours.

Mark Williets, South Kesteven District Council.

"We take particular care of the design and appearance of our listed buildings, Moshulu is a listed building, it's in a conservation area and the colours are just too brash."

– Mark Williets, South Kesteven District Council

Moshulu, which is part of a national chain, has submitted three applications to paint the exterior of its store on the High Street. All were rejected.

The council say that businesses which fail to comply with their planning laws could be fined a maximum of £20,000 but they are confident this will be resolved amicably.