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Caught on camera: Cleaner jailed for stealing thousands

A Norfolk cleaner has been jailed after she stole thousands of pounds from an elderly couple.

Lisa Mitchell, from Derham had been cleaning and caring for the couple for three years.

She was welcomed into their home and trusted. But when money started to go missing that trust turned to suspicion and the couple's son rigged a hidden camera to see if it could shed any light.

Malcolm Robertson with the fountain pen camera

Mitchell stole £35,000 over a three year period

She was caught red handed on a camera that Allan Read set up in his parents house at Dereham in Norfolk.

Mr Read had strong suspicions that Lisa Mitchell was involved. So, he bought this - what looks like a fountain pen but inside is a camera and it provided all the evidence he needed. Lisa Mitchell was indeed the thief.

Allan Read runs the family nursery at Dereham. A lot of the stolen money had been set aside for business expenses and his mother's care.

She was taking anything from £100 up to £1,000 per week, depending on how much cash was actually there was.

– Allan Read, son
Lisa Mitchell caught on camera

Today Lisa Mitchell, a mother of two, was sentenced to 18 months in jail, having pleaded guilty to theft at an earlier hearing.

Jailing her Judge Peter Jacobs said there had been a grave breach of trust.

Afterwards, Allan Read said he felt justice had been done - his parents having been badly let down by someone they trusted and confided in.