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New report reveals contrasting fortunes for our towns and cities

The Centre for Cities report for 2014 has revealed a mixed picture across the ITV Anglia region Photo:

A new report has revealed the stark contrast in fortunes facing some of our towns and cities.

The ITV Anglia region can boast some of the best areas in the country for population growth, life satisfaction, and broadband connections.

The ITV Anglia region is also home to some of the fastest growing towns and cities in the country - including Peterborough Milton Keynes Cambridge Norwich and Ipswich.

But it's also home to pockets of high unemployment and workers who lack good qualifications

Growth has also been much slower in places, particularly in contrast to to the accelerating recovery taking place in London. One example is Northampton which saw one of the largest losses of jobs.

You can find out more about how your city or town fared here Centre for Cities 2014

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