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Anglia Weather: Dry with limited sunny spells

Sunset at Welney Photo: Photo: Brett Long

Headline: Dry but breezy with some limited sunny spells Monday.

This Evening and Tonight: Dry but breezy overnight, with clear spells during the evening. Areas of low cloud will develop and spread up from the south as the night goes on, helping all but the most sheltered rural areas to avoid a frost. Minimum temperature 3 deg C (37 deg F).

Monday: Most likely staying dry throughout, although it will become breezy. Some limited sunny spells are likely, although in general it will often be rather cloudy. Maximum temperature 8 deg C (46 deg F).

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday: Bright and breezy with sunshine and isolated showers Tuesday. Becoming wet and windy overnight into Wednesday, with gales. Drier, brighter and less windy Thursday, with a chance of rain later.