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Persistence pays off for man 'desperate' for work

Matt Adkins 'desperate for a job' sign attracted a lot of media attention. Photo:

A man who stood for hours at a roundabout in Basildon pleading for work is now responsible for its upkeep.

Matt Adkins stood for hours at a roundabout in Basildon pleading for work.

"I went around industrial estates and none would entertain me at all. I've got no qualifications and I was so demoralised I said to my wife I'm going to make up a sign and go and stand on the biggest roundabout and see what I can get."

– Matt Adkins, Landscape Gardener

Matt Adkins, who is 46 was offered several job offers including one from Ricky Dalton, who runs a local cleaning firm, and created a post for Matt. Just months later he has been promoted to managing the company's landscaping business.

Matt Adkins was offered a job as a landscape gardener.
Matt Adkins with Ricky Dalton.

"I looked at the man and thought if that's what he's prepared to do to find a job then I think that tells you something about the character so I decided to create a job for him because I believe that everyone needs an opportunity to at least have a go at doing something."

– Ricky Dalton, Managing Director, BizziB

Matt looks after six roundabouts in the town but say's the roundabout where he landed his job will always be special. "It's made me a happier person. I have a reason to get up in the morning."