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The price of a smile - the accident victim who claims she's been told replacing her teeth will cost a fortune

Alex Kerr is potentially facing a substantial dental bill. Photo: ITV News Anglia

Smiling confidently alongside her boyfriend in photographs taken just a few months ago, Alex Kerr shows off a perfect set of teeth.

Alex Kerr poses for a photograph alongside her boyfriend. Credit: ITV News Anglia

Now though, half of her upper set are missing after a near fatal road accident in November.

Alex lost several teeth in the accident. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"I came off the bike and I think I went over their car, because there was a lot of damage."

– Alex Kerr

Alex had sustained terrible injuries including broken limbs, head trauma, torn muscles and ligaments and a shattered upper and lower jaw.

A team of surgeons at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford rebuilt much of her body, but when she was transferred to Northampton General she was told implants to replace her teeth would't be available on the NHS.

Northampton General Hospital. Credit: PA

However, the hospital says that it did offer to help and told us:

"We saw Alex in our maxillofacial department on 9 January, and referred her that day to our consultant in restorative surgery to assess what can be done for her in the long-term from a restorative perspective.

Unfortunately there is a waiting list for these appointments but we can assure Alex that the wheels are in motion and that she has not been abandoned by the NHS."

– Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust

Dentists are now proposing to put in three implants, but Alex was looking at a cost of £12,000 until one dentist surgery in Milton Keynes was so moved by Alex's story that they stepped in to help.

Dr Wynand de Jager looks at an X-ray of Alex's teeth. Credit: ITV News Anglia

"Everyone said, we must help Alex.

If everything goes well and her bone quality and quantity is good, we can literally restore the implants straight away."

– Dr Wynand de Jager, Brooklands Dental Clinic

The team at the dental practice have agreed to work free of charge, though at the moment Alex would still have to pay around £5,000 for the materials involved.

But its hoped an implant manufacturer will sponsor the treatment, ensuring that money worries won't wipe that brand new smile off Alex's face.

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