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Fifty words for rain this winter in the Anglia region

A double rainbow over Pegsdon in Bedfordshire. Photo: Credit: Alisan Sweet.

A popular claim is that Eskimo languages have 50 words for snow. Following a remarkably wet two months in the Anglia region, it could be argued that we've seen 50 types of rain so far this winter. Have you spotted all of these types of rain? Let us know at if you can think of more and please keep sending in your weather pictures.


Spitting rain

Light rain

Moderate rain

Heavy rain

Warm rain

Cold rain

Freezing rain

Sleety rain

Foggy rain

Occasional rain

Bands of rain

Steady rain

Persistent rain

Non-stop rain

Blustery rain

Wind and rain

Driving rain

Horizontal rain

Gale force rain

Thundery rain

Torrential rain

Squally rain

Rainbow rain


Atlantic rain

North Sea rain

French rain

Coastal rain

Hill rain

Weekend rain

Bank holiday rain

Christmas rain

Monday morning back to work rain

Noisy rain

Damp and miserable rain

Numb fingers rain

Soaked to the skin rain

Soggy bottom rain

Sudden rain

Frontal rain

Dripping rain

Difficult driving conditions rain

Localised flooding rain

Record-breaking rain

Patchy rain

Showery rain

Stay indoors all day rain

I can't believe there's more rain


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