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Essex fashion students fight model stereotypes

Fashion students in Essex have been designing outfits for models who do not fit the stereotypical 'size zero'.

The students at Colchester Institute have been creating their own clothing collections to champion diversity.

They hope to create a more positive connection between fashion and body image.

Fashion student at Colchester Institute. Credit: ITV News Anglia

It's part of a national competition called Diversity Now 14! which challenges designers to think beyond the stereotypical size-zero model.

Val Jacabs, course Leader in Fashion and Textiles, said: "You've got designers like Vivienne Westwood and Tom Ford who are using diverse models in their campaign so the industry is beginning to change.

"We think it's really important that our students are aware of diversity and can address that now and going forward when they are designers."

The outfits were specifically designed and tailored for each model. And ranged from a size 4 to a 24 and for those aged 13 to 72.

Lois Holness, 16-year-old model, said: "Everyone's different so having designers appreciate that and understand is what everyone should be doing and not focusing on size zero."

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